Since the death of Ailsa in April 2019, this old version of the website is no longer maintained.
However, it will remain as it is as a tribute to the wonderful songbird we have lost.
(Note that some of the links may no longer work)
John, May 2019.

(photo of us playing on Genevieve Tudor's Folk Programme,
Radio Shropshire, Radio Stoke & Radio Hereford & Worcester - photo by Alan)
(click on picture for bigger image)

  Latest CD (February 2011)
little apples...
  the follow-up to Hommadocks & Thingummyjigs, eleven new songs
recorded with love at Orchard Studios in Cheshire

Also available, "Hommadocks & Thingummyjigs" - follow the Recordings link.

'Truly professional set, great to have in the "almost legendary" middle studio'

- Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Stoke & BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester.