Since the death of Ailsa in April 2019, I am wondering what to do here.
In the meantime, it will remain as it is as a tribute to the wonderful songbird we have lost.
John, May 2019.

(photo of us playing on Genevieve Tudor's Folk Programme,
Radio Shropshire, Radio Stoke & Radio Hereford & Worcester - photo by Alan)
(click on picture for bigger image)

  Latest CD (February 2011)
little apples...
  the follow-up to Hommadocks & Thingummyjigs, eleven new songs
recorded with love at Orchard Studios in Cheshire

Also available, "Hommadocks & Thingummyjigs" - follow the Recordings link.

'Truly professional set, great to have in the "almost legendary" middle studio'

- Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Stoke & BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester.