John's Blogs

3rd July 2020

Three and a bit months into lockdown and anyone with any soul is missing live music and still no idea when it'll return. In some places, I'm sure, it'll be gone for good. My worry is that all the focus will be on big music, things like Glastonbury, the Proms, tours by Coldplay or Ed Sheeran, filling the big arenas. But those aren't the areas that are suffering most. These have sponsors, million pound contracts and global audiences. But what about the little theatres, pubs and clubs where the next generation learn their craft? What about the artists who barely get by when times are good? What about those who do it for love, because it's in their blood? And what about the managers, roadies, sound engineers, producers and recording engineers and all the rest who earn their (often meagre) wages from these lower rungs of the ladder?

I just hope there's enough possibility left when this is all over. I'm pretty sure there'll be the desire, the passion for live music, but we can't all be buskers.

Stay safe.