John & Ailsa
John is Playing At...

Well, unfortunately, like everyone else pretty much, I'm not playing anywhere except at home. Northwich Folk Club has a meeting by Zoom every Friday (as do many other clubs) and it keeps us in touch. For now, that has to suffice.

Not that I'm desperate for gigs, really. I think there are others out there who are far more in need of the work and the opportunities, but I do like playing for an audience so who knows - when such a thing is possible again.

My main motivation now is getting my songs heard, particularly if there are singers who might fancy adding one or two to their repertoire. Please do! I'd be delighted!
If you need any help with chords or lyrics, email me and I'll do what I can.
The thing is, until somebody else is singing some of my songs, it's up to me to sing them! So I will.